Our Benefice Churches are still open for private prayer and for said Communion services at 9am in Church each week. The 10.30am Zoom services continue as the best way of uniting us weekly in worship and encouragement. The Zoom link is also being used for a variety of smaller groups throughout the week.

Short prayer service leaflets are still available on the Resources page for you to print and use throughout the week and Radio 4 offers daily worship at 10am on BBC longwave.

Thank you to so many in our Benefice communities who are providing access to essentials for those self-isolating and vulnerable in this third lockdown and to many who have volunteered to help with the vaccine roll-out. The care and thoughtfulness in support of friends and neighbours is so encouraging in this wearying time of pandemic. Please feel free to phone me or a member of the ministry team if you need a chance to chat or ask for prayer!

Jesus calls us ‘to love our neighbours as ourselves’ this we do willingly, but our nation also needs us to be a praying community at this time. St James wrote that if  ‘anyone lacks wisdom they should ask God for it’. That is something we can do for those with leadership responsibilities at this time, as well as praying for strength in body, mind and spirit for all  in healthcare, education and key work and for those who are economically vulnerable and for those who are anxious, ill, or bereaved.

May God continue to grant us courage, patience and His protection and healing.

Rev. Sally Wheeler