Michael Edward John PULLIN, Born at Marshfield on December 28th 1932.

We moved to 152 High Street in 1936, next door to the George Inn, run by my Grandparents, Henry and Ethel Willcox. Mum would sometimes help in the bar, and help Nan with the family washing, as there were several of my Uncles still living at home. I went to Church Sunday School aged four, joined the Choir aged six, there were fourteen boys at that time.  I went to the Infants School aged five to seven, then to Junior School. My Father died as the result of a motor bike accident on the Chippenham road, in December 1940, so my Mother worked nights at the Wick factory, and I moved in with my Grandparents, and our house was let to R A F families.

I lived next door to my lifelong friend, Michael Woodman, who moved to Slaughterford in 1938, but it wasn’t until after my Fathers death, that Mum and I visited them, I would later spend weekends with them, and I was treated as one of the family, went on holidays with them while I was still at school.

Aged eleven, I started at Kingswood Grammar School, left in July 1949. Started work at W D & H O Wills in October 1949, working in the Sales Office until March 1951, when I started National Service in the Royal Air Force, in Equipment Accounts, until March 1953. I then returned to Wills Sales Office for two years, before moving to the Wages Office, then later on I moved to the Salaries Office, where I stayed until retirement in 1987.

I enjoyed playing Table Tennis in the Bristol League, Tennis at the Imperial Ground as well as Snooker and Bowles  I joined the Bristol Cathedral Special Choir, and sang with them for 48 years, singing requiems, oratorios, and joining with the Bristol Choral Society to sing Gilbert and Sullivan at the Colston Hall in July.

Of course I sang in Marshfield Church Choir all my life, and enjoyed our music making, and I am pleased that you are still making good music.

I was Church Treasurer for 50 years, also the Gymkhana Committee, and the two Lunch Clubs, besides auditing local club accounts. I became an Almshouse Trustee replacing Mr. Jessie Andrews, and on the retirement of Mr Jack Walter, I became Chairman.

Mowing the Churchyard

I suffered ill health from 2016 with broken hips and chest infections, spending most of 2018 in hospital, I have since moved to Avon Court since September 2018, and I was very happy there, there were activities to join in every afternoon, or visiting singers to entertain us.

Special thanks to my cousins Trudy and Alan for helping me with my affairs, and Eunice and Ray Whale for taking care of my house.

God bless you all.

Michael Pullin