A funeral service will be a time of sadness, but can also be a time for giving thanks for a life, as well as an opportunity to affirm our faith in God and commend our loved ones to his care.

All of our churches are available for funeral services and our clergy and ministry team are available to officiate for funerals, for cremations at local crematoria, and for burials of ashes.

The churchyards at Cold Ashton, Tormarton and West Littleton are available for burials of those who lived in those parishes, and burials for Marshfield take place in the village Cemetery. 

It is possible for cremated remains to be interred in the grounds of all the benefice churches, for those who lived in our parishes. There is a newly created Memorial Garden in Marshfield Churchyard for this purpose. The clergy or ministry team will be happy to discuss this with you.

Funerals are normally arranged with us via your funeral director who will co-ordinate all the arrangements with you.

Coping with bereavement.

Please Note: For general information about what is currently possible for Funerals, please go to Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for churches | The Church of England and look for the heading: ‘Life Events’.