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There will be an increased need for foodbanks with the negative impact on people’s livelihoods caused by the Covid 19 outbreak. The homeless are still homeless, but those who were vulnerable before will be added to by those newly facing hardship. You can offer support by giving direct to the Bath Foodbank via their website.

Genesis are no longer accepting donations of food from any source other than supermarkets. They are then delivering the food parcels out to those in need, rather than have them come in to collect them.  So please do continue to make food donations at your local supermarkets.  Thank you.

A Message from Sally

Our Benefice Churches are now open for private prayer and for short said services at 9am and 6pm and the zoom services will continue as a way of uniting us all in worship and for the sake of those who do not feel able or ready to re-join physical worship.

Short prayer service leaflets are still available on the Resources page for you to print and use throughout the week.

Our village communities have worked hard to ensure those who are self-isolating and vulnerable have continued to access essentials and we have all seen care and thoughtfulness in the support offered through this bewildering situation, which it seems will continue for months to come and will have far-reaching consequences within our broader society.

Jesus called us ‘to love our neighbours as ourselves’, and this is something being put into practice around the Benefice but we need to ensure we are a praying community for not just ourselves, but for our nation at this time.

I am praying regularly for you all, for all in authority, in healthcare and key work, and for those who are anxious, ill  or bereaved as this health emergency continues.

May God grant us patience and His protection and healing.

Rev. Sally Wheeler

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