As the weeks go by we hear of the terrible times some have been through with the corona virus and the number of those dying has continued to go up. The regular news stories have made us aware of how quickly things can change for some families.

As Christians we have a hope that looks beyond this ‘transitory life’, but like many without faith, we may put off thinking about how we prepare ourselves practically and spiritually should we fall seriously ill – whether from covid 19, or anything else.

This article was put together by one of my Chapter colleagues with permission to share it, but without naming them!  The choices outlined have been cross-checked and are still current. This information may be helpful to think through in advance, as will our need for spiritual preparation for eternity – this is pertinent for all time.

So, I share this with you in gratitude to my colleague. If there is any of the content that you feel uncertain about, or if you would like to talk any of it through with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Rev. Sally Wheeler, 01225 892180.