Our Benefice Churches are open daily.

Communion services are offered in church at 9.00am as follows:    Cold Ashton 1st Sunday; Marshfield 2nd Sunday; Tormarton 3rd Sunday; West Littleton 4th Sunday. Marshfield Church also has services each week at 10.30am and 6pm. 

Jesus calls us ‘to love our neighbours as ourselves’ which we do willingly, but our nation also needs us to be a community of prayer. St James wrote that if  ‘anyone lacks wisdom they should ask God for it’. This is something we can all join with for those in leadership at this time, as well as praying for strength in body, mind and spirit for all in healthcare, education and key work and for those who are economically vulnerable, anxious, ill, or bereaved. 

May God continue to grant us courage, patience, His protection and healing.                                                      Rev. Sally Wheeler